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That Lonely Writer
Just another wannabe writer, that's all I am.
How To Become A Slut In 10 Days
Rated: PG-13
WC: 30K+
Evvie x Jace
Evvie Monroe is more than a little prudish and naive when it comes to members of the opposite sex. Yeah, she has guys for friends, but she can count her past relationships on one hand (okay three fingers) and the farthest she's ever gone is a kiss. At 18 years old that's pretty out of the norm. When her best friend, Jace Wynters, offers the chance to change those facts for reasons unknown to Evvie; in the form of no relationship but all the benefits, will Evvie be willing to change those facts even at the expense of herself?
The Ridiculous Ravings Of A Recluse
Rated: PG
WC: 15K+
A place for all the rambles from the mind of a reclusive writer. A place for the small thoughts that can't be made into anything bigger than what they are, small thoughts. A place for the ridiculous ravings of a recluse.
The Star Crossed
Rated: PG-13
Hazel x Harry
'We’re so cliché, a modern rendition of Romeo and Juliet, we’re so unoriginal.' We were star crossed from the beginning, we never stood a chance. But we, I, tried to change our fate. It didn't work. Now all that's left of us is the memories of four years of high school swirling in my head making no sense. Trying to understand how our friendship got so... fucked, is an arduous task. After graduation you couldn't wrap your head around how our friendship faltered so much, so I took it upon myself to write it out for you. Four years of memories showing our path from ninth grade best friends to a graduation filled with regrets and what ifs. We never stood a chance Harry, we never did.
Rated: PG
Florence x Trey
Sometimes a flash can get us hooked. A flash of love, a flash of flesh, a flash of our future, or even a flash of red. Trey Aquila has been more than mislead by flashes. Flashes have ended him up in a loveless relationship, more depressed and alone than he could have imagined. But when a flash of red catches his eyes, so does the girl that flash of red hair belongs to. Can this flash be for good or for worse?

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